New Line of high-efficiency



multi-propose Electric Induction Drive Units


An energy-efficient induction traction motors with an external pseudo-phase rotor of universal application for electric drive systems, such as electric vehicles, traction motors for winches, hoisting mechanisms, pumps, generators of various speeds. It has a high torque per kilogram of weight and a modular structure that allows to increase performance by articulating the modules of electric motors. Own control system provides high efficiency, absolute control of torque, power and speed with high recovery efficiency (generator mode).


Applications of sparkles Induction traction motors:
In-nub motor;
Direct drive central motor;
Integrated Differential Induction Motor (i-DIM);

Gearless elevator winches.


Basic consumer qualities:

  1. Large starting and long torques - one of the highest specific torques of all world analogues of the electric drive (high torque per kilogram of weight);

  2. Significant opportunities for drive overload, high durability and survivability;

  3. Absolute control and management in terms of power, torque and speed (direction) of rotation with an accuracy of at least 4 000 discretes per revolution;

  4. Performance during overheating of the electric drive;

  5. The absence of the use of rare-earth metals to ensure the specified parameters of drive efficiency, the low cost of production due to the lack of expensive and technologically difficult to manufacture magnets or neodymium and high requirements for the quality of materials;

  6. A wide range of operation from -40 to + 50C with air cooling system;

  7. Impact resistance, corrosion resistance, explosion protection, sparkles;

  8. High energy efficiency (Efficiency: 95%, optimization of efficiency in all operating modes / revolutions);

  9. High regenerative capabilities with high quality of energy delivered;

  10. Modularity of power increase and universality of connection;

  11. Air cooling;

  12. Lack of resistance of the magnets when moving "free run", the absence of counter-EMF;

  13. Software integration of various functions without adding an additional component base: dual-circuit braking system: electric + hydraulic (combined); electronic ABS / ESP; software cruise control; on-board control, which allows, through control actions, including direct control of the driver, to actively control the vehicle, assist and transmit signals to control commands in normal and extreme conditions.

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