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Empowered and Drive Controllable-Transfer Case

  1. Classic packaging of drive train;
  2. Math model and design of current transfer case;
  3. Increase the torque and power on wheels through empowering  transfer case => 400 Nm is target;
  4. Improve control of drivability through controlling torque distribution to front and rear suspension via transfer case;



  1. Adding torque or braking on e-motors during vehicle’s turns, e-Transfer Case can re-distribute a torque and a power proportion to front and rear suspension. Braking of e-motor is to be done by recuperation. In this case torque of 1 wheel passes co-axibly onto the opposite axis. It improves drivability and stability of linear drive. On road bumps, there is minimization of jumps from a car track direction. On the direct track way e-Transfer Case can also improve acceleration and power.
  2. Ecology improvement


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