Universal electrically powered




for  Emergency & Disaster Management


Universal robotic platform - tracked autonomous vehicle with remote control for universal use in high-risk or difficult terrain - for geological exploration, cargo delivery in hard-to-reach conditions, firefighting or evacuation


There are a number of objects and areas of possible fire with serious consequences that are difficult to combat by human resources, the need to check, test and maintain them using highly passable equipment, constant transfer and delivery of material resources in hard-to-reach regions and places. A number of such objects are located in the oil and gas industry, objects affected by radiation or chemical products. Such facilities include oil and gas fields, nuclear reactors, the infrastructure of abandoned chemical enterprises, the work on which is combined with a high risk to human health and life.


Brief summary of the project
The created universal robotic complex as the drone application is designed for universal use in hard-to-reach and adverse weather conditions, dangerous working conditions for people and solves a number of tasks for the needs of industry, solving the above problems. Equipped with a system of remote control, track stabilization on the ground and remote observation. It has the functions of fire fighting oil products and oil wells, cargo transportation, monitoring and repair, and can also be used for many other tasks.


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